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Animal Science

Junior High Agricultural Science 

This class is designed to introduce students into the world of agriculture in the areas of speaking, FFA, mechanics and science. This class is a one semester class is designed to develop speaking and debating skills that you will utilize in other classes, competitions, college and your future employment. This portion of the class will incorporate shop safety, tool and machine identification, and 2 woodshop projects. Students will construct a candy machine and a house sign. Students will learn how to properly draw, measure, cut, sand, router and construct these projects. The science portion will consist of plant science and wildlife. Students will learn how plants and animal reproduce and grow and interact with our environment. Students will propagate plants in the greenhouse. Throughout the course, students will be graded on participation in intra-curricular FFA activities as well as the development and maintenance of an ongoing Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program.

Agricultural Science 1

This is an entry-level science course designed to introduce students to the area of earth sciences and to the investigations and experimentation techniques and methods that science uses towards agriculture. Major areas to be covered will be the foundation of science (technology), the exosphere (solar systems), the lithosphere (minerals, rocks, soils, weathering and erosion), the atmosphere (temperature, pressure, humidity, clouds, precipitation, wind and storms), and the hydrosphere (water). The FFA and leadership skills will be integrated into the curriculum.

Animal Science 

Animal Science will introduce and incorporate science into the raising of domestic livestock with emphasis on sustainable livestock production in the U.S. Students will learn basic concepts of raising animals for the fair to complex concepts of genetics. Livestock studied includes Beef, Sheep, Poultry, Horse and Swine production. Topic of study will include basic nutrition, genetics, reproduction and animal health in domestic farm animals. This class will incorporate modern production practices that include hands on learning at local ranches.

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